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Our guided adventures are based out of Craig and Slater, CO. We have permits with Routt National Forest with access from Moffat County Colorado and a private land lease out of Slater, CO that access the Routt National Forest permit as well. Long story short we have untouched powder!!!

Our Passion


Snowmobiling has been a passion for many years, and recently that passion has turned to helping women. Having been a back-country rider for 20 some years I’m a product of the “throw your weight and thumb in it“ male dominated education on just how to ride a sled. As many of you ladies know this just doesn’t work for us without “man muscle”. Our goal at SSGSA is to help you learn techniques and skills that allow you to finesse that 450 plus pound machine around! 

Start Where You Are


Do you get tired of fighting with your significant other or find yourself feeling like a burden on your crew? SSGSA creates a safe, fun, empowering environment for you to get that “ah ha” moment! Riding is a whole different animal for a lady, it’s all about finesse. We start from the very beginning with throttle and brake control, then we get you stoked to get the sled on edge! We will get you comfortable with your body position and sled set up, in a safe fun environment. From where you are to where you want to be, SSGA can help! Whether you just want a guided ride in the beautiful Colorado Rockies,  a day to help advance your skill in the back-country, or to feel competent and comfortable shuttling skiers and boarders, we got you covered!

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While I encourage you to comment directly on my blog posts, you can also contact me directly. I love to hear about the challenges that other women are setting for themselves and the challenges they’ve overcome. You may also contact me to book an Adventure without using the online booking feature. Send me a message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Savage Sisters Guided Snow Adventures, LLC

P.O. Box 233; Hayden, CO 81639